CARBON MATRIX is a brand which aims to develop true AERODYNAMICS.  AERODYNAMICS, in our view, is the development of the parts which have not only styling but also functions properly, taking the rectification effect into consideration appropriately. So the solution which we have reached is the care with the material.

In order to produce the parts which can be expected to have the rectifying effect, the most important sections are rigidity and weight of the material.  The solution which we have reached in order to rise to the stage to which we will never get using FRP or ABS is the dry carbon material. By using not the wet carbon material, which just has good appearances, but the dry carbon material, which is also adopted in the aviation technology and racing cars, you will enjoy many benefits and this is what we have pursued.



CARBON MATRIX(カーボンマトリクス)は、本当のAERODYNAMICSの開発を目標とするブランドです。私達の考えるAERODYNAMICSとは、整流効果などを考慮し、スタイリングだけでは無く、機能を重視したパーツの開発です。


● What is the dry carbon material?

The dry carbon material (carbon fiber reinforced plastics = CFRP) is the material with both high strength and lightness, so it is used widely. With the prepreg sheets impregnated with resin on the carbon fiber, this material is molded in the pressurizable vessel called autoclave. With the dry carbon molded by autoclave, you can manufacture the thin but very tough products. So, even if you manufacture the products with exactly the same design based on FRP or ABS, they will be thinner from about 40% to 60% because you can change their thickness in a large way. The dry carbon can alleviate the distortion from the load while driving(air resistance) greatly, not to mention weight reduction. However, the dry carbon has disadvantages: its material is expensive, and its production needs much time because we produce it by handwork.